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November 09, 2023

Foreclosures are back!

The Q3 2023 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report recently published by ATTOM Data Solutions reveals what lies ahead for mortgage servicers. Illustrating an increase in foreclosure activity that has continued to escalate since the lapse of the government’s foreclosure moratorium, we are quickly finding ourselves back where we started prior to the pandemic.  Before you think this is no big deal… let’s look at what’s happening, why this surge in activity is different, and what you should be doing to stave off disruption.

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November 15, 2022

What’s Your Plan for Foreclosure Prevention?

Don’t be deluded by ongoing reports of decreasing delinquency and foreclosure. As is often the case, it depends on which numbers you’re watching. Foreclosure starts continue to increase, along with early-stage delinquencies. You can make a direct impact on foreclosure avoidance with modern self-serve capabilities that assist your borrowers in understanding their options before they become seriously delinquent. Servicers need a preventative plan now – not later – to manage a servicing landscape that is filled with potential landmines.

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March 21, 2022

As Foreclosure Moratoria Expire, Are You Managing Uncertainty With Seamless Servicing?

We’ve just passed the two-year anniversary of COVID-19 foreclosure moratoria and are quickly rounding the corner on the first quarter of 2022. Where does this leave mortgage servicers as the industry wrestles with rising foreclosure filings amidst ongoing volatility in regulation, the economy, and technology? Above all, mortgage servicers should not be taking a pause. Despite receding delinquency and forbearance percentages, foreclosure activities are on the rise, which will more than likely precipitate more regulatory change, and may easily worsen under current economic factors. Given the circumstances, the most important tactic this year may be staving off uncertainty.

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