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April 21, 2019

Celebrating Those Who Make Patient Experience a Success

In 2014, The Beryl Institute introduced ‘Patient Experience Week’ as a time to recognize healthcare staff that have an impact on patient’s experiences each day.   As the industry has moved from volume based to value-based care, consumerism has made patient experience even more critical to organizations.  Proving to be an important factor for improving patient safety and clinical outcomes while at the same time eliciting the highest reimbursements possible, Patient Experience is top of mind for most healthcare organization leaders.

 Celebrate Patient Experience Week

Patient Experience contributes to 25% of the hospital Value Based Programs, and it’s expected to increase.1


Over the years, there have been numerous case studies dissecting patient experience to help determine what works best and what does not.  As a result, many organizations have changed their previous mindset of Patient Experience ‘survey’ rounding.  Nurse Leaders are no longer walking in a patient’s room to ask survey questions.  Instead, the focus for many is to build meaningful conversations between the Nurse Leaders and their patients, a model that has been shown to improve the patient’s overall perception of care and experience.  It’s not surprising, considering that all human relationships begin with communication. 

Eliciting the patient’s perspective is essential to shared decision-making and understanding how care impacts the entirety of a patient’s life.1


The great news about Patient Experience is the hard work and dedication of healthcare organizations to make improvements are paying off.  Patients having a better experience in a healthcare setting is on the rise!  According to Beckers Hospital Review in October 2018, Patient Satisfaction with care episodes has improved by 10% over the last 10 years.2  The cascading effect is that hospitals with higher Patient Experience scores improved their financial margins by 3 percentage points.1  The significant improvement and overall impact for these organizations is certainly something for everyone to celebrate during Patient Experience Week 2019!  

Improved Patient Experience has been shown to drive consumer loyalty and community reputation in healthcare organizations?2 

Clarifire would like to thank our partners and all the healthcare organizations that continually raise the bar to elevate patient experience for everyone.  We appreciate all the small (and big!) things you do every day to make a difference.  Celebrate your successes this week and recognize those key team members that helped you get there.  Party on, you earned it!


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